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  1. As the team switched to electric motor for SAE Competition and will use an electric motor for our new challenge, UAV, the dynamic thrust tests in wind tunnel became crucial. Here you can see very initial tests that we did to calibrate our testing rig in Parkinson Wind Tunnel at Rusty Hut, where our workspace is at.
    Motor Testing in Parkinson Wind Tunnel
  2. Last flight of the competition in 2010, resulted with a crash.
    UBC AeroDesign 2010 - Final Round
  3. Experience the 2017 SAE Aero Design East competition with the UBC AeroDesign team in Lakeland, FL.
    2017 SAE Aero Design East
  4. Flying with 20lbs using the 2016 competition airframe.
    20lbs Payload - 2016 Competition Plane